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There’s a HUGE problem in the commercial real estate business that nobody is talking about—DUE DILIGENCE. 

You will not look at real estate investing the same way once you own this skill set. It is an easy-to-follow, proven step-by-step system that investors and real estate professionals use regularly while conducting their due diligence. It will help you to make informed, intelligent decisions when deciding whether to buy or NOT to buy. You will learn how to avoid mistakes with costly consequences, create more value, and shave years off your learning curve with this essential information for buying investment property.

Adhering to a proven system allows you to conduct due diligence faster, easier, and more efficiently, and you’re less likely to miss something. 

These fundamentals remain the same and are all applicable whether they are residential rental properties, industrial, retail, or office buildings. This system will help reduce risk and create value for all of them.

Buy the book now! It will be one of the best investments in real estate you ever make. Not buying it could be one of your most costly decisions.

About the Author/Speaker

Brian Hennessey

Brian Hennessey has been in the commercial real estate industry for over 30 years as a commercial broker; a Senior Vice President of Acquisitions and Dispositions and ran his own real estate syndication/asset management company. He has represented a number of Fortune 500 Tenants including Bank of America, The Walt Disney Company and Baxter Healthcare.

With over 12 million square feet of purchase and sale, as well as lease transactions across the U.S., a wealth of experience was accumulated. He loves sharing this information with others and finds it very gratifying to hear from others how they have found it to be very helpful in their commercial property investing.

"The Due Diligence Handbook For Commercial Real Estate" was written originally as a personal reference tool/checklist because of the many facets and volume of information that is needed to be remembered for each transaction. The fundamentals remain the same for all property types and can be applied to all your commercial real estate investments, from the smallest to the largest. This book has been a #1 best seller of commercial real estate books on Amazon.
His books, video course, and FREE valuable resources are available at: www.impactcoachingsystems.com

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